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Civic Center EATS to Showcase Quiet Electric Power

Monday, September 30, 2019

Amanda Johnson
Communications and Marketing Manager
Civic Center Conservancy

Civic Center EATS to Showcase Quiet Electric Power
Popular Lunchtime Event Will Replace Food Truck Generators with

Electric Grid for a Day

DENVER - The Civic Center Conservancy is excited to announce a follow-up to last year’s Civic Center EATS Green Week and the Art of Mass Gatherings Symposium with its partners Majestic Collaborations, Performing Arts Readiness and Denver Arts & Venues.  On Tuesday, October 1, 2019 Civic Center EATS will exemplify the positive impact of replacing its food truck generators with electric grid power - a setup that reduces both noise and the carbon footprint of large-scale food festivals like EATS, the popular three-day-a-week lunchtime event in Civic Center Park produced by the nonprofit Civic Center Conservancy.   Also a part of Tuesday’s environmentally friendly event will be the availability of a water tree and cups that guests can use instead of purchasing water bottles from the food trucks.

This year, the Civic Center Conservancy has already taken a huge step towards a more sustainability-conscious Civic Center EATS with its Zero Waste Program, which is on track to save 50 tons of waste from landfills at the end of the 2019 EATS season. The nonprofit was able to capitalize on this aspect of last year’s Green Week by securing local sponsorships and partnerships with the Can’d Aid Foundation, Colorado Pollution & Prevention Advisory Board and Scraps. The nonprofit hopes to be able to implement an electrical grid system into future events, using Tuesday’s showcase as an example of how beneficial it can be.

“Our goal is to ensure that Civic Center Park is a showcase both locally and nationally on how to deliver high quality and environmentally-conscious community events,” said Scott Robson, Civic Center Conservancy Executive Director. “We’re thrilled to be demonstrating once again how the use of an electric grid system rather than fuel-burning generators can greatly improve the sound and air quality experienced by visitors to EATS, and the Conservancy looks forward to working with the City of Denver to permanently enhance park infrastructure to eventually allow for all public events hosted in Civic Center to utilize clean and quite power.”

Helping make Tuesday’s event possible, participants of the Event and Emergency Electrical Systems Workshop at the McNichols Civic Center Building will meet at 8:00 am and use Civic Center EATS as a hands-on opportunity to deploy distributed grid power.  The workshop began on Monday, September 30 with a four-hour class covering temporary power systems theory, distribution and safety.

“Sustainability and resilience are not just about using less gas and plastic for the environment - efficient ways of making food for many people can be critical using limited resources in events like natural disasters,” said Matthew Kowal, founder of Majestic Collaborations. “Gas generators are simply not efficient, not well-regulated for exhaust and noise and smells, and this impacts the health and enjoyability of employees and patrons.”

Civic Center EATS takes place in Civic Center Park from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays now through October 10th.  The food truck extravaganza brought 70 local mobile vendors and 240,000 people to the historic park in 2019.
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